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BG Benefits

At BG, we not only work with a great, collaborative and dynamic team — we also offer employee benefits and perks that are unrivaled in our industry. In the true spirit of teamwork, many of our perks and benefits were suggested by members of our team and are designed to attract and retain talent — BG’s most valuable asset 

We take care of our employees by supporting their health and wellness, both at work and at homeThat’s why we offer full coverage health care in addition to dental, 20/20 Vision, and both long-term and short-term disability insurance.

With a roster of top brand name clients and challenging assignments, #TeamBG is in the trenches every day, working hard to get results. As much as we love what we do, it’s also important for us to know when it’s time to hit pause, reset and recharge our batteries. That’s why we offer generous PTO and vacation policies for our employees. 

Our office closes at 2 pm every Friday, all year round. That’s right, it’s not just in the summer  it’s ALL YEAR! Early Fridays mean the team can get a jump start on their weekend or finish up projects when the day slows down. We appreciate the hard work our employees do every day and it’s amazing what adding half a day to the weekend can do for morale. 

Full-time BG employees get 11 holidays off (including Presidents Day!). We’re also known for throwing a great holiday party in the winter — whether it’s virtual or in-person!

We offer flexibility for days close to major holidays. For example, we close our office the Friday before Memorial Dayso our employees can enjoy a 4-day weekend. Also, throughout the year we allow employees to take any three days off they want, without it counting towards PTO. Flex days give our staff another 14 days off on top of their earned PTO and standard Holidays. 

We are proud to work with leading, non-profits at BG and we are constantly finding ways to give back. We ask our employees to share causes they are passionate about outside of work, so we can consider supporting them as an agency. Whether it’s saving manatees or fighting climate change, we’re always open to suggestions to help make the world a better place! 

While it’s not a physical university, BGU — Belfort Group University — is our learning initiative that encourages employees to keep learning outside of work and provides them with both in-house and remote training opportunities. With each employee, we work with them to develop a KPI or goal and get them the resources they need to reach it! If you’re a digital marketer and want to learn how to convince a reporter to write about your client? BGU can help. Are you a traditional PR veteran who dabbles in social media but would really like to know how to use it for business? BGU can help. 

We understand that planning for the future and retirement is important, and we offer our employees a competitive 401k program to support them in this goal. 

We like to close out the year in style. At the end of each year, we give our employees bonuses as a thank-you for their hard work. They make great holiday gifts! 

Celebrating our employee’s milestones are important to us. So, both birthdays and work anniversaries are each an additional day off every year!  

Mental health is important, so we always encourage our employees to take care of themselves and take personal or wellness days whenever they need to.

We work right in the heart of Boston, close to many great restaurants, historical buildings and Boston tourist sites. We can go to work and then pop by the New England Aquarium after if we wish. Or hop on a Duck Tour bus for a personal, fun tour of Boston!  

We call Studio at 125 High Street home. This amenity-rich location brings us many great perks to enjoy, including a health facility, rooftop recreational deck and clubhouse. Plus, we get free breakfasts on Tuesdays and Happy Hours on Thursdays! 

We get plenty of face-to-face time between our team members at social get-togethers where we never do the same thing twice. Whether we meet up at a winery, try our hands at cornhole or convene at a brewery — we always have something new and fun coming up! 

We love to represent BG outside of work as much as we do on the job. That’s why we are always adding on to our BG merch roster. From hats and jackets to coffee mugs and branded backpacks, we keep our employees looking sharp.

At BG, we thrive in creating a collaborative environment that encourages our employees to share their ideas and support each other in reaching their goals. Everyone has a seat at the table. All voices and opinions deserve to be heard. Whether you’ve been in the business for 20 years or are just starting out, every BG team member contributes to our culture in their own special way.  

We work with the best clients who are driving innovation and change within their respective industries. In our scope, we do business with non-profits, higher education, real estate, senior living, professional services and more.