Cannabis Permitting & Grassroots Issues Mitigation

The Belfort Group helps secure approvals for cannabis commercialization, educates stakeholders and builds support during the public permitting process in cities and towns all over Massachusetts.

Massachusetts is a progressive state but the legalization of marijuana for medical and adult use has led to permits for cultivation facilities and retail dispensaries that have left local permitting boards and governing bodies on edge. Securing permitting and rezoning approvals for cannabis growing facilities, warehousing, labs, or retail space can be a long and arduous process that is fraught with misconceptions, misinformation and opposition. Complicating the issue are the various forms of government in Massachusetts’ 351 cities and towns (Open Town Meeting, Representative Town Meeting, City/Town Council, Mayoral) and the various processes for evaluating permitting and zoning proposals.

BG knows the intricacies of local government and applies our proven methodology of educating the public and getting out the vote to help guide our cannabis clients successfully through the process.

Since adding this focal area to our practice BG has secured approvals for Acreage Holdings in Sterling, The Wellness Connection of Massachusetts in Revere, and Briarleaf in Attleboro – improving our overall permitting approval “win rate” to more than 98 percent.

If you are planning to enter or expand your Cannabis business within the Commonwealth and need help with messaging, media, and community outreach to win over naysayers, contact our public affairs team for an initial evaluation at:
Phone: 617-646-3348; Email: