Communicating College Closures, Mergers & Acquisitions

The Belfort Group has decades of experience managing and orchestrating the release or mitigation of sensitive issues in the news. Our crisis communications team understands the higher education landscape and works with leading publications locally, regionally, and nationally that cover the space. When colleges are dealing with closures, mergers, acquisitions or other issues that require communication with the media and public, they call us.

Independent, private liberal arts colleges and universities are the latest targets of media attention and controversy surrounding financial viability and transparent communication with the public. While New England has been a region facing particular risk, no area of the country is immune to the situation, especially when considering the overall decline in the number of high school graduates, the growing prevalence of online course offerings for degree completers and graduate students, and the financial challenges inherent in offering quality educational experiences at affordable tuition rates.

BG is on the forefront of the conversation, working with the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) to communicate what the organization is doing to ensure stronger governance and accreditation standards, and also working with Newbury College to successfully orchestrate and communicate the school’s closure to priority internal, external and media audiences.

With closings of Mount Ida College, Green Mountain College and Newbury College among others – plus the merger of Wheelock and potential merger of Hampshire College – there is plenty of cause for concern that this trend will continue. BG is a trusted communications partner that navigates the pitfalls of public opinion and helps ensure proper and timely communications with all stakeholders to uphold the reputation of the institution and its leadership.

Contact us for a confidential conversation, and to learn more about our work handling crisis communications and sensitive issues for colleges and universities: Phone: 617-646-3348; Email: Connect@thebelfortgroup.com