BG Summit: A Day in the Life of An Account Coordinator 

by Belfort Group |
October 13, 2022

It’s not a secret that Account Coordinators are true rockstars in the agency world and instrumental in any agency’s success. From assembling media lists to sending out agendas, they cover the tasks that allow teams to deliver high-quality work for their clients. 

In essence, account coordinators are the glue that keeps agencies together. After all, behind every great account is an Account Coordinator making magic happen behind the scenes!  

For our latest BG Summit, our very own Account Coordinator Alexandra Ball (but we call her Alex) peeled back the curtain for us and brought us into her world as an Account Coordinator.   

Here are some of the biggest takeaways from her day-to-day! 


Digital is Always Busy  

Alex typically starts her day performing a wellness check on digital campaigns run by the agency — measuring spend, changing keywords and adjusting budgets. She also  

When it comes to Google campaigns and social media ads, Alex is our go-to expert! She is always ready to tackle any task — whether it’s crafting headlines, keywords or best practice recommendations. Once they receive Alex’s finishing touch, they’re ready to deliver top-performance results! 

She’s also very handy in helping BG stay on top of digital trends. Recently, she took the lead on speaking with Google to prepare for their upcoming GA4 switchover!  


Good Notetaking Goes a Long Way  

Upon starting as an Account Coordinator at BG, Alex quickly picked up tips and tricks from Account Executive Shannon Light on how to boost her organizing and notetaking skills.  

One big tip? Good note-taking is all about good listening — or hearing conversations on client calls and knowing the action items that need to be taken following the call.  

 Another skill just as important as notetaking calls for prioritizing the right tasks and projects based on deadlines and urgency. Working on multiple accounts at BG is a balancing act, and a good Account Coordinator like Alex knows how to prioritize their time and get everything turned in without a hitch!   


No Two Days Are the Same 

 Each day brings something new to the table for an Account Coordinator. Digital is always evolving, and it calls for the most skilled and versatile to catch up!  

One day, Alex may be on the phone with a Google rep while the next day, she may be optimizing Google campaigns. 

A good Account Coordinator is adaptable, communicative and ready to roll with the proverbial punches. Many skills of the job can be taught upon onboarding, but they still need to be continuously developed and nurtured over time.   


For Account Coordinators at BG — The Sky’s the Limit  

At BG, team members are not simply siloed or limited to their job titles. Since we work in digital marketing and PR, many of our tasks and work cross reference with each other.  

 An Account Coordinator and an Account Director, for example, will often share the same basic skillset but have different expert areas. In a symbiotic working relationship, both team members can learn something new and valuable from the other.    

 For an Account Coordinator like Alex, the world is her oyster in terms of what she makes of the job. She’s done phenomenal work so far and we can’t wait to see where else her career takes her at BG! 


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