Story Time! Facebook Story Feature Now Available to Pages

by Belfort Group | Consumer , Higher Education , Nonprofit , Thought Leadership
April 2, 2018


As Snapchat’s user interface continues to upset and more people transition to Instagram stories, we often forget about a third player in the mix: Facebook.

Since March 2017, Facebook has integrated stories as part of the platform’s homepage to compete with Snapchat. Unfortunately, the general public isn’t taking the bait. Compared to Instagram and Snapchat, the average user hardly sees stories from friends and family on their Facebook profile and therefore finds no use for them.

Although average usership has not picked up, there is a silver lining for companies and publishers! With Facebook opening the platform up to pages, you can expect more marketing strategies being implemented on this FB feature.

Facebook page administrators can use this function by pressing the “Create Story” button on the mobile app when viewing their page. Like other stories, posts on Facebook Stories will disappear in 24 hours and will be visible to followers of your page, or anyone that you’ve boosted content towards.

Why use Facebook Story platform as a business or publisher?

Simply, it’s an easy way to capture your audience since the recent change in Facebook algorithm (recently discussed here). With Facebook prioritizing its new features (e.g. live videos, interactive text, etc.) you can expect to see immediate placement in a user’s news feed, and as the first content they see when they scroll. You cannot beat that kind of reach.

As for how to use the feature effectively, avoid premade video content that could have been posted organically or in ads. Rather, show your consumer what goes on “behind-the-scenes” of your brand. If you have a video shoot, showcase backstage videos and interviews on your story, or if you want to promote your company culture show some tours of your office or workspace! As long as you keep the material authentic and seemingly “unplanned” you can be sure to succeed.

If you still feel lost or would like someone to help you implement a more efficient and engaging social media presence, feel free to contact us!

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