Hacking PR and Pushing the Limits of Disruption

by Belfort Group | Thought Leadership
March 24, 2017

Hack-a-thons started as a way to bring technology enthusiasts, coders and digital geeks together and have them solve a problem with their collective braintrust. Fast forward to today and the hack-a-thon process is being applied to all areas of business. In fact, the business that Belfort Group built its brand on — Public Relations — has been hacked. No longer are we solely focused on getting our clients in the media (though, we still do that).

The spectrum of our client work is as vast as the ideas that come out of hack-a-thons: lead generation, sales marketing support, website development, social influencer campaigns, operation optimization, editorial production and more. The list of what we are hired to do continues to grow, which dictates how we hire talent, train our staff and think about the challenges clients bring to our doorstep.

Point is, as an integrated marketing and communications agency, Belfort Group is constantly hacking. Whether flipping traditional media models on their head, eliminating the reliance on print materials in enrollment marketing campaigns or even building relationships with media influencers through social media, clients hire us because we’re thinking months ahead.

So, when Belfort Group was invited to be a mentor for Northeastern University’s Nurse Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program, we jumped at the chance.

At this hack-a-thon, you won’t find Beats headphones, energy drinks or ripped jeans. Rather, you’ll find stethoscopes, scrubs and a passion for helping people stay healthy.

The website reads, “The hardest part of starting up is knowing where to start.” This is exactly what we at Belfort Group face with client challenges. In fact, one size does not fit all. So if a client approaches us about looking to “drive brand awareness,” we will ask the question, “why?”

Is competition eating into your marketshare? Are you launching a new product that needs visibility? Is your sales team having a hard time closing deals? Are your enrollment leads not of the quality that you expected? Are you dealing with social detractors that are influencing a decline in sales?

Our job is to ask probing questions. Our job is to explore as many solutions to our client’s business challenges as possible. Our job is to hack PR and disrupt traditional thinking.

Have a challenge you need hacked? Get in touch with us. We’re ready.

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