4 Tips for Marketing a Mixed-Use Development

by Belfort Group | Public Affairs , Thought Leadership
March 8, 2017

The world of commercial real estate is compelling and often, the interesting part of how it impacts the economy and business is never told.

Knowing the total square-footage, location and amenities of a property for sale or lease is important.  But if developers, brokers and landlords want to drive interest in a property among tenants, consumers and corporate users, we employ what we believe is the secret sauce –compelling storytelling that activates a call to action.

Does the property have a unique backstory? Is it located in an up-and-coming neighborhood? Could it be used for a new or non-traditional use like a marijuana dispensary or a grow house? Are there amenities that will set it apart? There’s always a story within the story; here are four tips that will inspire your imagination to go beyond the bricks and mortar.

4. Use a holistic approach

Our commercial brokerage clients are always making deals and being named as leasing agents for mixed-use developments. That’s why we go beyond building size and the numbers to tell the real story. When our client wanted to highlight a recent deal and drive interest among potential tenants and shoppers alike, we focused on the area, trends and context, rather than a simple transaction. The city recently experienced an influx of similar deals and had been written up as a hotbed of CRE activity. This gave us an opportunity to position our client as an expert, who could speak about what the market could expect for trends in the coming year.

3. Focus on amenities & differentiators

If the buildings being marketed are not that unique, perhaps what’s surrounding them is. Are there trendy and eclectic restaurants nearby? Some interesting retail shops? Is the complex served by a commuter rail? Maybe there’s open space for families to explore or a bike path that runs through the area. Find the differentiators and amenities that make the property special and play them up.

2. Drive people there

The best way to generate interest in a mixed-use property – whether you’re attracting potential renters, tenants, or shoppers – is to motivate them to experience the space. Host an open house in the office space you’re hoping to lease. Sponsor an event at nearby restaurants and take prospects to tour the property in a unique vehicle. Or invite local influencers to an event at the property with a draw (sports figure, interesting backdrop with the property logo, gift for attendance) and activate them to use social media commenting on the experience. Incorporating an experiential and hands-on element helps to make your event memorable and create word of mouth.

1. Use video

Video is a key component of showcasing any property. Posting video and content on social media is what drives interest. Whether you’re creating a polished piece to showcase the property or relying on Snapchat or Facebook Live, smart marketers are creating demand by producing video that tenants, prospects and shoppers can view and consider visiting.

By using these tips as well as a heavy dose of creativity and good timing, CRE media coverage can go beyond square footage and truly set the tone for what trends are and will be transpiring in the marketplace. Our job is to go beyond the numbers and sell the story.

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