Let’s Talk PR: 3 Tips for the Holiday Season

by Belfort Group | Public Relations , Thought Leadership
November 17, 2021

Over the holiday season while many are worried about gifts, overcooked turkeys and family events, PR can end up taking a backseat. Here are 3 tips to make sure your organization, company or nonprofit is engaged and active during the holidays.


1) Tell Your Own Story 

Even while the news cycle winds down, social media never stops. Your social media pages are a convenient place to share positive holiday stories. A few examples would be donation to Toys for Tots, a moment an employee went above and beyond or sharing how the holidays bring your company together. 


2) Holiday Video Content  

Be creative! Get your employees to participate on your business’ social mediaWhether it’s taking over Instagram to showcase their favorite Thanksgiving dishes, competing to wrap oddly shaped presents or wearing ugly holiday sweatersThis type of content will help humanize your company.


3) Serve Up Content 

Providing reporters with a pre-written piece can be an easy way to get your content covered by local media. Ensure that press releases are print-ready by including engaging facts, accessible data and securing quotes. The more prepared the content, the easier it is to break the media slump. 

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