MMNPL 2017 Insight: Booming Social Media Use By Baby Boomers

by Belfort Group | Thought Leadership
April 24, 2018

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Could a Twitter-savvy president be playing a part in the surging number of Baby Boomers using social media?

According to the results of our survey, it’s certainly possible! The use and influence of social media is continuing to expand – but this may not come as a surprise since many of us are glued to our mobile phones checking them an average of 46 times per day. According to our survey, what is surprising is how older generations are scrolling through their newsfeeds.

In 2017, the number of Boomers on social media has doubled from 24 percent in 2016 to 48 percent this year.

Consumers over 50 years of age are taking to social media and trusting it as a valuable source of information. Meanwhile, social media continues to be a key source of new product information for iGens and Millennials.

Graph for generational differences

With almost every generation taking to social media, advertisers are presented with numerous ways to get their paid content in front of consumers. Social media advertising is reaching more than just Millennials, it is also reaching older audiences and making a real impact.

Facebook, the giant of the social media world, was also a top used source for all consumers in 2017.

Although TV is cited as the most frequently used source, Facebook has become increasingly important. The shift this year presents an uptick in what may be a growing trend toward greater reliance on other information sources, but TV will continue to remain a critical source for new launches for years to come. Our world is inundated with social media, and if these channels remain entertaining and a reliable source of information, we believe their importance and relevance will not dwindle any time soon. If product marketers of all kinds aren’t doing so already, it’s time to put some spend behind social.

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