MMNPL 2017 Insight: News Consumption on the Rise

by Belfort Group | Launch PR , Thought Leadership
May 23, 2018

The following insight is from our 2017 Most Memorable New Product Launch Survey, scroll down to download the full eBook. 

Donald Trump. #MeToo. The largest mass shooting to date. 2017 was a significant year for breaking news stories and political changes. The media climate seemed to capture the attention of the general public, as nearly 4 out of 10 respondents in the 2017 Most Memorable New Product Launch survey noted that they are consuming news more often than they had been a year ago. Seventy-seven percent of the respondents who said they increased their news consumption also increased the number of sources from which they obtained their information.

Fake news or not, of the 39% of those who increased their news consumption, 60 percent reported their increased consumption was “completely” or “mostly” because of changes in the political climate. So, who are the ~40 percent who increased their news consumption and sources? 2017’s MMNPL survey revealed that when broken down by political party affiliation, self-identity ed Democrats are significantly more likely than either Republicans or Independents to say they have increased their news consumption – and in contrast, Republicans and Independents are more likely than Democrats to say they have reduced their news consumption compared to a year ago.

Shoppers are looking for brands to be genuine and transparent. This is not the time to piggy-back on trending stories, but rather to allow your brand to stand out for its authenticity. Brands would be smart to forge real connections and relationships with buyers and showcase those stories.

Marketers will have to continue to compete for consumer attention in a politically charged media landscape, but they can also take advantage of the fact that more people are paying attention to news outlets, that means now more than ever you will have greater opportunities to get paid content in front of consumers – and seeing more advertisements equates to a greater ability to recall new products launched in the past year.

Looking towards 2018, it is a good time to diversify your marketing channels. People are increasingly getting their information from non-traditional media and news outlets, like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. Taking advantage of new and popular platforms can showcase your brand to more people, more often.

At BG, we utilize integrated marketing to tell one story across multiple channels. We follow our target audiences to their preferred social platforms, and we tailor our content to tell the right kind of story at the right time. We’ve found that this approach, among other tactics, helps to forge strong campaigns.

Our 2017 Most Memorable New Product Launch Survey is available for download from the form below:

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