MMNPL Survey Insight #8: Emotional Connections Influence Product Launch Recall

by Belfort Group | Launch PR
December 5, 2014


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Emotion is a crucial factor when influencing the memorability of a person, event, or in this case, a product. During our 2013 MMNPL survey, Sentient Prime implicit research technology revealed a strong relationship between the emotional connections with a new product launch and the level of market awareness. Using an index of negative to positive emotional association, the correlation between emotional association and awareness was .81 on a positive scale of zero to one. This simply means products with strong positive emotional associations were significantly more likely to be recalled than those with weak emotional associations.

Take the launch of Apple’s colorful and more affordable iPhone 5C. After the initial hype faded around the tech company’s typical television ads, Apple focused its new awareness strategy on emotional connection. Rather than highlighting the new device features, Apple concentrated heavily on the emotional connections created by the iPhone – a device that not only stores our memories, but makes them. Using emotional connections was a keen marketing move for Apple, especially with a less expensive device to broaden the iPhone market even further.

The Most Memorable New Product Launch survey identifies strategies and tactics that brands use to motivate consumers to try and buy new products. Conducted by Belfort Group and Sentient Decision Science, the Most Memorable New Product Launch survey identifies trends, tracks national product launches and reveals how consumers respond to traditional and new media.

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