MMNPL Survey Insight #9: Positive Emotional Connection Leads to Product Adoption

by Belfort Group | Launch PR
December 9, 2014


In our last MMNPL insight blog post, we discussed how emotion is strongly related to the memorability of a new product launch. However, according to our 2013 MMNPL Survey, the relationship between emotion and product adoption rates, or the likelihood of someone to adopt a new product, is even more significant. On a Sentient Prime positive scale of zero (not at all correlated) to one (definitely correlated), the correlation between emotional association and product trial was an astounding .96. Consumers are far more likely to try a new product and report on their purchase if they feel emotionally connected to it, compared to products that generate weak emotional associations.

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Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger, which tied for our fourth MMNPL spot in 2013, is a prime example of positive emotional connections impacting product adoption. The fast food company enjoys a strong customer connection with its classic American hamburgers – on a Sentient Prime index sale of zero to 200, the product had a positive emotional score of 187. A brand most consumers have grown up with, Wendy’s is the perfect example of positive emotional connections influencing consumers to adopt a new product.

The Most Memorable New Product Launch survey identifies strategies and tactics that brands use to motivate consumers to try and buy new products. Conducted by Belfort Group and Sentient Decision Science, the Most Memorable New Product Launch survey identifies trends, tracks national product launches and reveals how consumers respond to traditional and new media.

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