PR/Marketing 101: How to Rock Your Internship

by Belfort Group | Agency News , Thought Leadership
October 8, 2014

So, you have scored an internship at a PR/marketing agency thanks to your impressive resume. Now what? Before you step foot into the office on your first day, you should plan how to maximize the experience. If you follow these simple steps, you will be on your way to creating valuable connections and expanding your network.

1. Be a fearless communicator
Go out of your way to introduce yourself to all of your new colleagues. It might seem frightening and a bit intimidating to introduce yourself to the VPs and higher-ups, but by putting yourself out there, you will make a memorable first impression. Meeting everyone in the office will expand your network and open up the possibility of working on a variety of projects with different teams.

2. Reach for more
When you have free time in between projects, be proactive. Do not be passive and let the work just come to you—go looking for new work. When you reach out, your supervisors will see your interest and dedication, and they will start trusting you with more involved projects.

3. Be heard
Just because you are an intern does not mean you should hide behind your computer screen. Voice your ideas. A fresh take from an intern who has new ideas and skill-sets may be what is needed to enhance a project or be the impetus to suggest a new project.

4. Establish goals and track your work
Set personal goals at the beginning of your internship and share them with your supervisor when you start. Goals can be skills you want to learn, projects you want to complete and tools you want to master. Record your goals somewhere you can continually refer to so that you understand—and so does your supervisor—that you are making progress. Also, track your work from beginning to end. This way, you can create a portfolio and talk about your work experience in future interviews.

5. Be ambitious and take initiative
When you start meeting your goals, you might realize you want to write a blog post or propose a pitch for a potential story idea. When you take initiative, your work will be of a higher quality and your dedication will show through. This can give you a chance to tackle a larger learning curve and feel some independence–enthusiasm is admirable.

6. Always ask questions
If you have a question or need clarification, do not hesitate to ask. The internship is meant for you to learn. No one will shut you down if you ask why you are doing a task, where it fits into the overall picture, and what is required to complete it. Asking questions before you tackle a task will ensure you do it correctly the first time.

If you follow these lessons, you will be on your path to a very successful internship: completing your goals, making important connections, developing your skills and growing your portfolio.

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Allison Penn
Integrated Marketing/Social Media Intern

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