Schneider Associates is now the Belfort Group

by Belfort Group | Agency News
September 7, 2019

After four decades and a year of unprecedented growth, the agency relaunches to better serve their clients and to bring clarity to disruption

BOSTON, MA, September 9, 2019 – After 40 years operating as Schneider Associates, the Boston PR and integrated marketing firm that was known for launching products, companies and communities, has relaunched itself as the Belfort Group.

Since welcoming its first new CEO in the company’s history, Philip Pennellatore, the agency’s former President, the firm has, added over 50 new brands since Pennellatore and his talented team acquired the firm from its founder in 2018.

The Belfort Group is derived from two words: Bel and Fort. While the root word Bel means beauty, it also carries connotations of leadership (bellwether) and learning (belletrist). Fort means strong. The root word has connotations in longevity, sustainability and resiliency (fortitude, fortress).  The inspiration behind the new name was initially conceived because Belfort is the street in Dorchester, MA where Pennellatore was born and spent his younger years there.

“Belfort is not just a new name. It’s a reminder that we must always be examining the marketplace and understanding how our integrated digital marketing and PR strategies can help our clients create separation and lead the competition,” said Phil Pennellatore, CEO. “We are often hired to strengthen and sometimes defend our clients’ positions in their industry (fort) – and every campaign we implement on their behalf must be planned with an eye toward long-term growth and success.”

Since Pennellatore acquired the firm, the Belfort Group has experienced healthy revenue growth, added leading brands to the client roster and hired a number of talented individuals with industry expertise. Additionally, the Belfort Group is moving this fall to one of the most innovative and collaborative shared working spaces that just launched in Spring of 2019, called Studio at 125 High Street, Boston.

“As we looked around, we planned a lot of changes for 2019: Our culture. The way we work. And the kind of work we do,” said Don Martelli, Chief Operating Officer. “That led us down the path to both a name change, a new website, staff investments, strategic operational decisions and much more. We are proud of the name and feel it best represents who we are as an agency, how we represent our clients and where we are headed in the future.”


About the Belfort Group

Founded in 1980 and headquartered in the heart of Boston’s financial district, the Belfort Group is an integrated digital marketing and public relations agency that has extensive experience developing multi-layered campaigns for corporations, colleges and universities, developers, municipalities and nonprofits. For more information, please visit www.thebelfortgroup.com.


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