Social Media Use in Higher Education

by Belfort Group | Agency News , Thought Leadership
March 7, 2013

Infographics are all the rage. Some are useful, some aren’t. File the one below under useful, especially if you’re a communications or marketing professional working in Higher Education.

The EdTech Times published the infographic that outlines the pros and cons of social media in education. It dives into what types of social networks schools have used since 2008 through 2011; what ways they are using social media; how well they are using it; and highlights which schools are the most social savvy in the country.

The data presented in the infographic comes from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s latest “Social Media Adoption study, where 100 percent of the colleges and universities studied are using some form of social media.


In our work with higher education clients, we guide them in their use of social media to enhance the brand’s reputation, drive student enrollment and engagement and impact alumni giving (outlined in section two of the infographic).

As the infographic shows, social media use is growing across most channels. However, the way in which colleges and universities use this digital marketing channel varies.

This is where the help of an agency like ours comes in to play. Rather than trying to boil the ocean, school’s should segment their efforts to drive leads (enrollment and alumni giving), conversation (raising brand awareness for the school and programs), engagement (student retention) and website traffic (getting their target audience engaged on owned properties).

For those of you working in higher education, how are you leveraging social media?

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Post by Don Martelli, Director of Digital Integration and Social Business at Belfort Group.

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