The BG Newsroom Podcast: Boston Marathon and Storytelling

by Don Martelli | Launch PR
April 14, 2017


The Boston Marathon and Storytelling

For 121 years, thousands upon thousands of runners from around the world have congregated in Hopkinton, MA, for the start of the Boston Marathon. The 26.2 mile race is the oldest in the country. Just like the amount of runners who have run the race, there are just as many personal, emotional and amazing stories.

Of course, it’s difficult to talk about the Boston Marathon without referencing the bombing. That horrific incident is not the topic of the latest BG Newsroom Podcast, but rather the positive, human-centric stories. More specifically, we explore the nuances of good storytelling and how brands can learn from the marathon’s long list of fantastic sidebars — some of which, many will never see, read or hear.

From Katherine Switzer to Ben Beach to Mary Nardo, the stories coming out of this year’s Boston Marathon are as eclectic as the people running it.

Joining me in this episode is award winning broadcast journalist and current Vice President of Media Sean Hennessey — who has covered the marathon as a reporter, but also ran it 13 times.

Storytelling is at the core of what Belfort Group does for our clients. The format may change — print media, advertising, social media, digital content, video, etc. — but at the core, good stories drive conversations and engagement. And, when it comes to Boston Marathon related stories, there are thousands.

What’s yours?

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