Reimagining the Brand and Telling the Story for Veteran Nonprofit Organization Brighton Marine

The Opportunity

Brighton Marine is a Veteran network community located in Brighton, MA. The non-profit organization is a connector that helps Veterans get access to the variety of services they need to transition and maintain a post-military life. The organization was in immediate need of a corporate identity and brand assets, plus support to ensure their unique story is told—a narrative that demonstrates the positive impact they continue to have on the Veteran community.

The Strategy

Through a deep-dive discovery session, BG pinpointed the true value of Brighton Marine’s mission and how it has impacted the lives of thousands of Veterans and their families. BG put that intelligence into action, creating a brand architecture that was reflective of Brighton Marine’s dedication to military servicemen and women.

The Result

The new brand and website have improved the experience of Veterans visiting the organization website and facilitated access to information and services. Since the brand launch, Brighton Marine has been recognized through positive media coverage, new business partnerships with related nonprofits as part of the Veteran Network Community, as well as being recognized by some of the Commonwealth’s most visible political leaders. The Veteran Network Community is no longer a vision, but an established entity serving the many needs of our Veterans.