Integrated Marketing and Lead Generation Campaign for Berkshire Choral International

The Opportunity

Berkshire Choral International (BCI) tasked Belfort Group (BG) with recruiting consumers aged 40 to 65 who were empty nesters or retirees with a passion for choral singing and enough disposable income to support participating in a once-in-a-lifetime performance week. BG was tasked with building awareness, website traffic, leads and applications.

The Strategy

BG positioned BCI as the premiere “dream choral experience”, advertised in digital and traditional channels reaching older consumers with choral singing interests, and promoted BCI through custom created content on social media channels. We optimized the user experience (UX) on the website, designed a downloadable info packet that provided an overview of the BCI program, developed a blog to host nurturing content and promote news and events; created banner ad, email and sponsored Facebook campaigns; and produced high-quality experiential videos that were used in advertising, social media and nurturing campaigns.

The Result

Through our successful integrated marketing and lead generation campaign, we generated 1,330 leads, engaged 70 of 311 alumni members in marketing emails, and attracted 77 new applicants. We generated 44,732 sessions on the BCI homepage from June to December 2016. Facebook gained 5,547 fans, a 232% increase from the previous year, and generated 3,365,879 impressions and 60,256 post engagements from April 2016 to January 2017.