Thought Leadership Positioning and Strategic Storytelling for Real Estate Firm Cushman & Wakefield

The Opportunity

Cushman & Wakefield is a leading real estate brokerage with a national footprint. The Boston office has been engaged with BG for more than a decade, relying on our firm for strategic storytelling, thought leadership and positioning of the firm’s market intelligence.

The Strategy

Through traditional PR and social media channels, BG has kept Cushman at the top of the conversation when it comes to any and all things related to real estate—commercial, mixed-use and general trends.

The Result

Throughout the relationship, Cushman experts have been featured in all major Boston-based business media outlets, TV shows, radio stations and through online news outlets. Additionally, BG has positioned thought leaders to receive industry awards and accolades via notable business associations such as NAOIP and others. Lastly, BG plays a key role in developing content marketing assets to help the Boston office connect with businesses who may be on the hunt for competitive office space in the market.