Foods of Quebec Brand Development

The Opportunity

BG was hired to develop a brand identity, integrated marketing and public relations campaign to promote the agriculture products of Quebec and bring attention to the vast array of unique foods imported from Quebec and offered to supermarkets, restaurants and specialty stores in the northeastern United States.

The Strategy

BG developed the “Foods of Quebec” concept and created the brand name and corresponding logo; developed Foods of Quebec campaign messaging, brand standards and high-end collateral pieces, including a series of postcards, a three dimensional mailer, brochures, message guide and website; launched brand recognition efforts with a four-part series of oversized postcards as teasers in advance of a larger brand awareness package; and sent follow up package celebrating the brand and offering high-end product samples to communicate with key influencers in the Northeast corridor, including distributors, sales people, grocers, restaurant managers, associations, buyers and other leaders in food categories.

The Result

BG “moved the needle” of brand recognition among target food industry influencers, with survey data that showed an increase in understanding of what Foods of Quebec has to offer. BG established brand standards for the Ministry of Agriculture that served as the building blocks for continual communications and awareness campaigns. As a result of Phase One, the Ministry of Agriculture retained Belfort Group to implement an advertising campaign for the seafood industry and to promote a Foods of Quebec event with The Food Emporium, a major retailer in New York City.