Helping Herb Chambers Secure a Zoning Bylaw Amendment at Town Meeting

The Opportunity

Herb Chambers is a leading automobile dealer in the Greater Boston region. The company operated an Audi and Porsche dealership in Burlington, MA, but was asked by the manufacturer to split the location so each brand would have its own home. Adjacent to the building was a parking lot, also owned by Herb Chambers, which required a rezoning based on the new direction.

The Strategy

BG was hired to launch a community relations campaign, designed to inform Town Meeting members of the plans and help mitigate feedback that would allow the Town to vote favorably for a zoning bylaw amendment.

The Result

Through our integrated marketing, communications and grassroots organizing initiative, Herb Chambers received a favorable vote at Town Meeting, and subsequently, secured site plan approval with the Town’s Planning Board to split the dealership at both locations.