Commercial Real Estate Firm Graphic Identity Program and Rebranding

The Opportunity

BG was hired to rebrand Recap Real Estate Advisors with a new name and logo to position the firm for growth and new business opportunities.

The Strategy

Recap Advisors was acquired, and afterward changed its name to CAS Financial Advisory Services. The acquisition and name change affected the firm’s brand equity and created confusion in the marketplace about the firm’s services, prompting the search for a new name. BG conducted a series of discovery sessions with stakeholders (marketing, sales, and corporate clients) to identify critical strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Based on the SWOT analysis, BG initiated a comprehensive name development process to generate distinct, new name options. We conducted a logotype design process that created a unique trademark for the company.

The Result

BG facilitated a process to discover, design, and communicate the identity of the company, which ultimately led to a strategic decision to reclaim the firm’s original name: Recap Real Estate Advisors. We created a distinct new trademark and brand identity to position the company and help market its services.