Media and influencer relations for an EF Education First groundbreaking event

The Opportunity

EF contracted Belfort Group (BG) to develop a campaign that would bring attention to EF Education First’s newly constructed headquarters in Cambridge and help recruit employees. BG was additionally tasked with creating buzz and interaction amongst fans and potential employees during the 18-month building process.

The Strategy

BG determined the best way to create interest was to host a unique, groundbreaking event, infused with social media activations to help attract young professionals. BG coordinated nearly all aspects of event planning, including booking the rock band Passion Pit and coordinating food trucks to serve guests. BG also coordinated the installation of a 60-foot-tall, hot pink sculpture on the development site to symbolize EF’s branding, and mark the start of construction for the new building.

The Result

BG’s work promoting EF’s groundbreaking secured coverage by various media outlets and local influencers, and successfully generated a swell of engagement in the local community. We secured a Boston Globe feature, broadcast coverage on New England Cable News, plus posts from notable digital influencers including @BostonTweet. The event had thousands of engagements and viral shares on social channels, in addition to more than 1,000 posts using the hashtag #EFgroundbreaking.