Brand Development and Design for a Construction and Demolition Company

The Opportunity

BG was hired to modernize the brand look and feel of NASDI, a fifteen-year-old Boston-based construction and demolition company that was expanding into the New York and Washington, D.C markets. To balance the rich local construction history of the company with the desire to enter more national and international markets, BG created a contemporary, sophisticated and unified look and feel for NASDI‘s brand.

The Strategy

BG directed a complete redesign of the brand from logo development to color palette, stationary, brochures and Website creation. BG struck a balance between the gritty, rugged nature of the firm’s historic demolition work with the new global focus of the company by using brushed steel design elements, strong, sans-serif typography, globe imagery and a bold duotone color palette. BG was also able to translate competing concepts for imagery (global business imagery vs. construction labor imagery) into a contemporary, unified look and feel for the brand.

The Result

BG launched the revitalized brand to support business development by creating new graphics that were featured on all trucks, stationery and brochures to successfully present the company to target audiences.