Positioning NECB as a Leading Online School

The Opportunity

NECB enlisted Belfort Group (BG) to generate awareness about its history of practical education and expanded role as an online institution. NECB also wanted to highlight its offerings: associate’s, bachelor, and master’s degrees in subjects including business and finance, ethics, compliance and accounting.

The Strategy

BG identified Forbes.com writer Jacquelyn Smith and provided her with story ideas, then collaborated to develop a list of tips for professionals who want to return to school. We positioned Howard Horton, NECB president, as a thought leader in the field of online and career-oriented education and facilitated the relationship between him and Smith.

The Result

The media relations efforts resulted in an article on Forbes.com, which included 14 quotes of Horton and received nearly 10 million views. This type of marquis national placement met NECB’s goals of raising awareness about its programs and distinguishing itself from competitors.