Reimagining the Brand Positioning, Website and Collateral for a Boston Area Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

The Opportunity

BG was hired to relaunch Thompson Hennessey & Partners’ identity with new branding and a contemporary logo design while approaching the branding in a way that reflected THP’s extensive industry knowledge and experience and conveyed unique differentiators that set the firm apart.

The Strategy

BG led an extensive effort to reimagine and relaunch all THP collateral assets, including the website, logo and brand colors. BG explored the beliefs, methodologies and attributes that defined THP’s distinct position within the commercial real estate industry, then created brand messaging that outlined the THP brand cornerstones and strategic advantages.

The Result

The newly designed brand identity, collateral and website successfully relaunched THP’s bold approach to doing business. The new identity and collateral suite, which included a video series with firm partners to be displayed prominently on the new website, showcased the Thompson Hennessey & Partners brand and highlighted the team’s deep knowledge in the commercial real estate arena. By streamlining the experience for prospective clients, BG facilitated an increase of inbound new business opportunities which helped build the firm’s credibility.