Driving Awareness and Public Support for Police and Fire Station Construction in the Town of Westwood

The Opportunity

The Town of Westwood faced a critical need of a new police headquarters as well as a new fire station to keep pace with a high and growing volume of demands. Both departments were operating in outdated and overcrowded facilities with technology and resources not suitable for today’s standards. In order to develop the new facilities, the Town needed to ask Town Meeting Members to allocate necessary funds to the projects from the annual budget, which meant that other public initiatives may receive less funding.

The Strategy

BG launched a grassroots education campaign that informed Town Meeting Members and the public about the need for both facilities. It was critical to showcase the unseen work that both departments put forth each day and how their facilities prevented them from conducting operations in a manner that was safe and appropriate for the job. Our education campaign was designed to get out the vote and drive support.

The Result

BG created mass awareness within the Town and inspired a groundswell of support to secure a two-thirds vote for each of the facilities, which are now fully constructed and being utilized.