5 Social Media Mistakes Your Nonprofit is Making

by Belfort Group | Nonprofit , Thought Leadership
June 1, 2018


Unfortunately, too many nonprofits dabble in social media just to say they they’re “doing social media.” But like most things, you get out of social what you put into it.

Nonprofits can generate substantial buzz and results if they invest the proper amount of time and effort into this important media channel.

Here are some telltale signs your nonprofit’s social media game isn’t up to snuff:

5. No Audience, No Engagement

Hello? Anyone home? If you’re posting content that’s never being liked or shared, then you have a problem. Maybe you’re on Facebook but your audience is younger and hanging out on Instagram. Or –maybe your content is boring. Before you publish anything, identify your audience, determine where they live, and then post some content that YOU would engage with online.

4. Not Enough Time/Content

Many nonprofits have small marketing teams, which makes writing and posting social content an afterthought. It’s important to keep your social channels up to date. If you’re only posting once a month, then you’re broadcasting there’s not much happening. Keep things fresh and develop a publishing calendar to stay on track (and if you can’t do it yourself, contact us).

3. Lack of Variety

What kind of content are you posting? If you’re only posting written status updates on Facebook, you’re missing out on the power video to increase the number of eyeballs on your content. How about creating a quick infographic for Instagram instead of just another photo? If you’re on Twitter, try to tag relevant people for increased engagement and use the right hashtags. Whatever your platform, mix it up and keep your content fresh and varied.

2. Too Much “Me, Me, Me”

It’s not all about you. Or at least it shouldn’t be. Too many people forget the “social” part of social media, so make sure you’re sharing other content that’s not about your organization.

Promote another worthy organization’s event or share news articles that apply to your industry. If you give people value via useful/entertaining/informative content, they’ll be more  likely to pay attention to your organization’s message.

1. No Clear Call to Action (CTA)

If you want people to take a specific action (retweet, share, click on a link, sign up for a newsletter, etc) make sure your “ask” is very clear. Don’t assume people will get a subtle hint – spell out the action you want them to take using prompts like “Register here” or “Click this link.” Signups and registrations don’t happen unless you ask, so make the process as easy as possible.

Does your nonprofit need help creating or strengthening its social media channels? Learn how our nonprofit team can create engaging content that helps you meet your goals.

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