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Bridging the Gap: How to Make Earned Media Matter for Sales

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August 24, 2023

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Bridging the Gap: How to Make Earned Media Matter for Sales

In today’s digital landscape, consumers are bombarded with countless advertisements, forcing businesses to find innovative ways to capture attention and drive sales. That’s where earned media comes in! Earned media is a powerful tool that can bridge the gap between brand exposure and actual revenue. In this blog, we’ll explore the earned media strategies and tactics you can employ to maximize your profitability. So, buckle up and get ready to learn the art of transforming positive publicity into tangible business results! 

Understanding Earned Media 

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of leveraging earned media for sales, let’s define what this term actually means. Earned media refers to the publicity your brand receives through organic channels, such as media coverage, customer reviews, rankings, awards, social media shares, and influencer endorsements. Unlike paid media, which involves advertising, earned media is generated through positive experiences and interactions with your audience, and it’s free!

Building a Solid Foundation 

Before you can use earned media to boost your sales, it is crucial to build a strong foundation. Start by developing a comprehensive and compelling brand story that resonates with your target audience. Craft a clear value proposition and define your unique selling points. With a solid structure in place, you’ll have a captivating story to share with your customers and the media. 

The Value of Third-Party Validation

Third-party validation brings unique opportunity to your earned media efforts, and is often the driving force behind a successful campaign. Third-parties, such as influencers, ranking websites, social media posts, testimonials, and reviews will help elevate your brand and facilitate increased traffic. By leveraging each of these third-parties into your earned media strategy, you will elevate visibility and credibility, garner new audiences, and stimulate sales. Third-parties also help legitimize your paid marketing and media efforts. Things like awards, rankings, industry recognitions, reviews, and referrals also validate paid initiatives as they are unbiased and voluntary.

Cultivating Relationships 

Mutually-beneficial relationships are key when it comes to earned media. Invest time and effort into building relationships with journalists, bloggers, influencers, and your customers. Engage with them on social media, provide valuable insights and resources, and create opportunities for collaboration. Position yourself as a resource rather than a salesperson. By nurturing these connections, you’ll increase your opportunity to receive positive coverage and endorsements that can drive sales.

Creating Shareable Content 

To make earned media matter, you need to create content that people can’t help but share. Develop a strategy that focuses on producing high-quality, shareable content that aligns with your brand values to help position you as a thought leader in your industry. Brainstorm relevant and engaging topics to create thought-provoking blog posts, engaging videos, or entertaining social media campaigns that will stick with your target audience. Remember, the more shareable your content, the more likely it is to attract attention and generate earned media coverage.  

Tracking and Measuring Success 

Thanks to technology, monitoring and measuring the success of your earned media efforts is almost entirely automated. To gauge the impact of these efforts on your sales, use tools such as Google Analytics and social media monitoring platforms to measure website traffic, engagement, and conversions. Analyze the data to identify patterns and insights that can help you refine your strategies and optimize your campaigns for better results. 

Key Takeaways

In today’s crowded marketplace, earned media can serve as a catalyst for your sales. By understanding the power of earned media, building a strong foundation, cultivating relationships, creating shareable content, and tracking your success, you can simultaneously increase your brand exposure and generate revenue. Keep in mind, the key is to leverage earned media as a strategic tool that complements your overall marketing efforts, not replaces them. 

Incorporating earned media into your sales strategy is an effort that requires time, patience, and perseverance. In fewer words, it is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t get discouraged if the pieces don’t fall into place immediately. As you build a strong rapport and a consistent network, you will find yourself landing impactful media placements. Throw in a sprinkle of spin and creativity, and you can make earned media a central part of your sales strategy. So, get out there, tell your brand story, and let earned media become your sales validator!

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