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Redesigning an Institutional Accreditor’s Website


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Redesigning an Institutional Accreditor’s Website

The New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) undertook a substantial effort to revamp its website, focusing on enhancing user experience and functionality. The project aimed to address several critical challenges, including the need for an intuitive interface, improved navigation, accessibility across devices, and efficient content management. This case study delves into the comprehensive approach that guided the redesign, highlighting research, user-centered design, and responsive principles as key drivers of the transformation.

The existing NECHE website, though functional, faced several challenges. Users found it cumbersome to navigate and locate essential information due to its non-intuitive interface. The information architecture needed reconfiguration to simplify content access. Furthermore, with the increasing use of mobile devices, it was essential to ensure the website’s responsiveness and visual consistency. A robust content management system was required to streamline information organization and enhance search capabilities for users seeking relevant resources.

The comprehensive redesign of the NECHE website exemplifies a successful transformation driven by user-centric principles and responsive design. The improved user experience, enhanced navigation and searchability, and seamless accessibility across devices have made the website a valuable tool for stakeholders. It now serves as a hub for accreditation information, documentation access, and the latest updates, ensuring that NECHE continues to meet the evolving needs of its community and maintain its position as a reliable resource in the field of higher education accreditation.

Notable features and functionality:

  • Filterable Membership Database
  • Dynamic content feeds
  • User-friendly backend
  • Content and Membership Management using Excel Uploads

View the new site here!

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