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Connecting Client Expertise with Cultural Moments to Generate National Media Coverage

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Connecting Client Expertise with Cultural Moments to Generate National Media Coverage
The Opportunity

With each studio album brought to life on stage, the Eras Tour is a mesmerizing tribute to Taylor Swift’s remarkable artistry. It’s no wonder that this sensational musical extravaganza has become a cultural phenomenon, selling out colossal stadiums and arenas across the United States. The Eras Tour has captured the hearts of millions and ignited a frenzy of media attention. 

As skilled public relations professionals, we are always on the lookout for extraordinary opportunities to connect our clients with captivating moments and help them to provide valuable content, insights, and commentary. The Eras Tour is an unparalleled cultural moment that demands our attention. 

The Strategy

Recognizing the immense impact the Eras Tour would have on media coverage nationwide, we knew we had to seize this golden opportunity. We identified Professor John Simson, a seasoned music industry veteran and the esteemed director of the Kogod School of Business at American University’s Business and Entertainment program, as the perfect expert to provide the colorful commentary and expert resources sought after by media outlets.

We devised a strategic plan to align this industry expert with the tour’s momentum, creating a carefully curated calendar of media pitches that would coincide with the week leading up to each Eras Tour appearance. By synchronizing Professor Simson’s expertise with the tour’s schedule, we knew we could generate a steady stream of media coverage for Kogod, reaching diverse markets over an extended period of time.

The Result

As Swift unleashes her tour, captivating media markets, overwhelming public transit systems, selling out stadiums, and even crashing ticketing apps, our efforts are paying off. We have already secured prominent placements for Professor Simson in leading publications in Nashville, Boston, and Chicago. His insightful commentary has explored the profound impact of Taylor Swift on the music industry, offering valuable perspectives on its future direction. Read just some of the great articles Professor Simson has been featured in below. 

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