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Is it Time for a New Website? Take the Quiz!
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Is it Time for a New Website? Take the Quiz!

Quiz - Is it time for a website redesign?

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Does your website take more than 5 seconds to load on mobile?*
Does your website have low conversion rates?*
Does your website include a terms & conditions and privacy policy statement somewhere on your website?*
Does your website reflect your logo and brand identity accurately?*
Do your web visitors find it difficult to find information?*
Do you feel limited in what functionality is available on your website in order to display the content you want on the website?*
Does your website data show high bounce rates?*
Are you and your sales team proud to share your website with others?*
Is the content and copy on your website older than 2 years?*
Does your website follow ADA Requirements?*
Is your website GDPR Compliant?*
Are you using keywords and meta descriptions on your web pages for SEO?*
Does your website have security issues?*
Does it take more than 3 sec for your website to load on desktop?*
Is your website older than 5 years?*
Is your website mobile friendly, rendering properly on mobile, tablet, and desktop screens?*
Does your website rank high on search engines when searching your company name or service?*
Are you able to update and maintain your website easily and efficiently?*

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