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Leveraging a Multi-Pronged Social Media Strategy

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June 30, 2020

Leveraging a Multi-Pronged Social Media Strategy

Can you believe we’re halfway through 2020? It has been a time of unprecedented disruption in the way we work, strategize and communicate. Businesses are turning to social media platforms now more than ever as a key part of their marketing strategy as more people are tuned in online. But during all of this uncertainty, how can your brand best implement a multi-pronged social media strategy to accurately target and convert your audience? These five steps will take both your paid and organic social media strategy to the next level and help your brand stand out.

Prioritize Platforms

While it is great to have a vast social media presence, not all social media platforms will be the perfect fit for your target audiences. For example, companies selling products that rely heavily on branding and visuals might want to invest in Instagram. Services geared towards younger audiences might make a TikTok account, whereas companies with older audiences might create a Facebook page. Figure out which platforms best suit your needs and focus your time on those.

Allocate Budget to Paid Social Media

Businesses, institutions, and nonprofits often rely on in-person events to entice potential customers, engage with future members and students, or cultivate relationships with donors. But with many of those events canceled due to social distancing guidelines, budget may be freed up to re-allocate to other marketing channels such as social media advertising. Investing in a paid social media campaign can be a more affordable option than producing an entire event. Plus, paid social media campaigns can produce high-quality business leads and expose new audiences to your organization.

 Use Different Strategies for Different Audiences

This may seem obvious, but when implementing a multi-pronged digital marketing strategy, it’s important to think about which of your audiences is best suited for your content. For example, those who follow your Facebook page or Twitter account are already familiar with your brand, so explaining your core mission and services in every post isn’t necessary. On the other hand, you might want to use messaging that explains your organization’s mission when targeting prospective (new) audiences through a paid social media campaign. If you are utilizing paid social media, your content should not only differ between audience demographic segments, but also between audiences who have had different levels of interaction with your brand, such as those who have only viewed your website versus those who have submitted their contact information through a form on your page.

Encourage User Feedback and Participation

We all want a high level of engagement on our posts (likes, comments, shares, etc.), but what are some ways to achieve that? Many platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are rolling out interactive post options, including polls, quizzes, and question boxes. Use these tools to get a sense of the types of products or topics your followers are interested in or create a trivia series so they can learn more about your brand and purpose. Get creative – the options with these tools are endless!

Utilize Live Features

Webinars are a great way to generate leads, but they often require a larger time commitment on the part of the consumer. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube have all rolled out the ability to record live videos directly to the platform, which makes it easy for audiences to engage with your brand. Live videos can be pulled together quickly and repurposed for paid social media campaigns as well. Make sure you come up with topics of interest for your audience and promote your live event beforehand for maximum viewership.

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