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An Innovative Website for A Leader in Transit-Oriented Development
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Cabot, Cabot & Forbes Page Design

An Innovative Website for A Leader in Transit-Oriented Development

The Opportunity

Cabot, Cabot & Forbes (CC&F), is a leader in transit-oriented developments and building for Boston’s innovation workers. However, their website did not reflect the pioneering and modern company they had become. A clunky user interface and outdated design failed to highlight the groundbreaking and impactful work the CC&F team does.

The Strategy

After conducting a deep-dive discovery session the BG Creative team was able to identify several key areas for improvement. The website needed to reflect the great breadth of CC&F’s work, the profound impact on their communities, and it needed to embrace the long and proud history of CC&F.

Based on this analysis the BG Creative team recommended also revitalizing CC&F’s current visual identity. Ultimately adding a secondary logo and a brand-new color palette that would work seamlessly to convey the modern and future-facing outlook of CC&F but remain true to their roots.

The Results

The outcome of this collaborative 6-month effort between CC&F and BG Creative is a modern cutting-edge website that delivers on form and function and conveys the company’s mission for innovation in real estate.

Some notable features of the new CC&F website are:

  • A user-friendly and engaging portfolio of work that conveys the full scope of CC&F’s history
  • Impact, a page designed to feature the community, environmental, and restorative work the is a core part of CC&F
  • A refined and streamlined team page
  • An interactive timeline featuring some of the most notable points of CC&F’s history
Cabot, Cabot & Forbes Page Design Cabot, Cabot & Forbes Page Design
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