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Enhancing Online Program Visibility through Sub-Brand and Website Development
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Enhancing Online Program Visibility through Sub-Brand and Website Development

The Opportunity

Landmark College (LC) is a college in Putney, Vermont for students with learning differences (LD), such as ADHD, dyslexia, and autism.  

As a college for students who learn differently, Landmark College’s mission is to transform the way students learn, educators teach and the public thinks about education. They provide highly accessible approaches to learning that empower individuals who learn differently to exceed their aspirations and to achieve their greatest potential.  

LC anticipated the need for online learning before the pandemic with its LC Online programs, which were developed from decades of research. With LC Online, LC wished to leverage its 40+ years of educational experience to create an accessible online pathway.  

LC Online has program options for both high school students and current college students. Through a supportive online learning environment with professors and advisors, students develop executive function skills that help them thrive in both their education and the world. In addition to offering classes for students, LC online also offers a post-baccalaureate certificate program for educators and professionals.  

With LC Online, LC replicates the support and educational value that its on-campus programs provide and makes everything web-based. LC needed to amplify this messaging and build more brand visibility for LC Online to connect with more prospective students, parents, and educators.  

The Strategy

LC collaborated with BG to develop a sub-brand and a website for LC Online that brought more awareness to its online programs. To help LC bring LC Online to life, BG created a visual brand identity and brand guidelines for LC Online, providing a consistent theme and messaging for LC Online that was eventually used to design the logo and website. BG used these guidelines to give LC Online an identity that was connected to Landmark College while still being distinctly its own.  

BG also developed videos and paid social media ads for LC Online that highlighted student success stories and touched upon the unique educational value the programs provide to students, parents and educators.  

The Result

LC built more awareness for its online programs and connected with more prospective students, educators and parents who could benefit from online learning. LC was also able to shatter the stigma that online learning doesn’t work effectively for students with LD and prove that a neurodivergent student can thrive in an online learning environment that connects them with sufficient support and resources.    

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