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Q&A With Belfort Group’s New Website Production Manager, Heather Weir

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March 29, 2023

Q&A With Belfort Group’s New Website Production Manager, Heather Weir

Hold on to your hats, because there’s a new Website Production Manager in town. BG has long been known for its amazing, eye-catching websites that our clients love, but with the appointment of our new Website Production Manager, Heather Weir, things are about to get even more exciting. With a renewed focus on website development as one of our core service areas, Heather is ready to take BG’s website game to the next level. We sat down with her to learn more about her new role and the plans she has for our web design and development practice. 

You recently got promoted to Website Production Manager, can you discuss what your new role entails? What are the responsibilities and tasks you will be acquiring?

As the Website Production Manager, it’s my role to oversee all aspects of website production, connect with clients to better understand their unique website design needs, and coordinate with our team of designers and developers, all while ensuring that each project is met with personalized solutions and quality work.

Our website development service has been a vital part for BG as you and the creative team have created amazing, eye-catching websites, that our clients love, for years. What is this practice going to look like with you at the helm and how is that going to be different from what we are doing now?

I’m very excited to continue our focus on developing exceptional and user-friendly websites that meet the unique goals of each client. One key difference is that we’re now dedicated to positioning the comprehensive website services we’ve offered our clients for years as one of BG’s core service areas. Communication and collaboration between the leadership team, agency marketing team, and web development team will be essential in reaching the long-term and short-term goals we’ve set for ourselves.

What are you looking forward to most about leading this service at BG?

I’m most looking forward to creating unique, personalized web solutions for our clients, and challenging myself to bring those ideas to fruition. I’ve had an interest in website design and UX research since studying as an undergrad, so being able to continue my growth in this field is incredible! It’s exciting to watch our website development team grow – and how new talent can take our projects to the next level. 

What is the best advice you’d give to a company that’s looking to develop a website?

Before starting a website project, I would advise to first define your goals for the new website. Ask yourself what you want the website to achieve, what actions do you want visitors to take, and what functionalities and features should be included. Outlining your key objectives will help create a clear roadmap for your website project ahead. 

Need help with your website project? Our team of experts are here to help. Reach out to us at to get in touch today! 

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