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Spruce Up Your Social Media Copywriting with BG’s 5 Copywriting Tips

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September 22, 2022

Spruce Up Your Social Media Copywriting with BG’s 5 Copywriting Tips

Copywriting is the key to good marketing — especially in the digital space. After all, using the right keywords and phrases quickly hooks people in and prompts them to keep reading. But how do you create copy that stands out and cuts through the virtual noise?

This is where social media copywriting can step in.

Developing a social media copywriting strategy can connect people with copy that is relevant and helpful to them, without feeling overwhelmed. Through social media, a brand can allow its unique personality to shine and even begin to build trust with potential customers.

Interested in getting started? Good. We’re here to help.

Here are our 5 Best Social Media Copywriting Tips that will kick up your social media strategy in NO TIME!

Keep Your Content Short — and Packed with Effective Keywords!

According to Facebook, the average person scrolling through social media has a two-second attention span while looking at posts. This is a very narrow window to capture someone’s interest!

Thankfully, keeping social media content short and packed with powerful words can help. In other words, get to the point quickly in an easily digestible format with keywords that really pop.

Conducting research on relevant keywords in your industry may be a great place to start!

When Possible, Use a More Conversational Tone

Social media can be used to break barriers between brands and consumers and start conversations that feel authentic and real. Using a more casual voice can help with establishing this type of relationship since your content will seem like it came from an actual person instead of a brand.

But don’t feel like you need to lay down the catchy phrases or exclamation points! Simply crafting your writing to mimic how you talk at the water cooler or to a friend at dinner will do just the trick.

Make Use of Good Graphics

Using the right graphics to accompany your social media content can really help with grabbing people’s attention and enticing them to read your post. Imagine that your social media feed is like a children’s picture book. Be sure to choose graphics that complement your content and are easy to view/interpret!

Sticking to a consistent theme or color scheme can also help with getting your content to stand out.

If you are not a design whiz, worry not! Platforms like Canva are very effective for creating social media designs on the fly — for free!

Be Smart with Hashtags and Emojis

A social media feed can be an extension of your personality — so have fun with it!

Emojis can break up a social media post so it doesn’t feel like it’s just regurgitating a bunch of information. Don’t shy away from including emojis when appropriate, just try to not overdo it!

 Hashtags can help you tap into relevant conversations taking place online and provide your own unique commentary. Using the right hashtags also gets your posts in front of people who can relate to and find value in your content.

Track Your Metrics and Keep Adjusting Your Strategy!

Tracking the performance metrics for your posts can help you measure whether they are successfully connecting with people and hitting your marketing goals. From here, you can identify potential areas that may need improvement and make the necessary adjustments to optimize your strategy.

See if you can find certain phrases connected to posts that have done well engagement-wise. These are the type of phrases you should stick to and repurpose for future posts!

In other words, stick to what works and fix what doesn’t. Revisit. Revise. Repeat. This is the cycle of an effective social media strategy!

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