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The Belfort Group Launches the BG Data Hub

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October 6, 2020

The Belfort Group Launches the BG Data Hub
The digital insights platform will help inform important client business decisions through the use of real-time data

The Belfort Group (BG), Inc., a Boston-based digital marketing and public relations firm, announced today the launch of the BG Data Hub, our platform that utilizes real-time marketing and communications data to optimize client’s business.

“The DNA of our firm has always been entrepreneurial, which is to say that we never settle for doing things the same way or creating cookie cutter campaigns for our clients,” said Phil Pennellatore, BG Chief Executive Officer. “From deconstructing the classic agency model, to integrating multi-channel strategies across all practice areas and now, launching the BG Data Hub, we are always pushing to do better, bigger and bolder things. Today is yet another example of that thinking.”

The BG Data Hub is a client-centric tool with vast capabilities, all designed to:

  • Benchmarks campaign performance to improve marketing spend;
  • Enables our account teams to craft compelling campaign stories rooted in data;
  • Discover trends with analytics capabilities that layer visualizations with insights;
  • Optimize and share insights through customizable dashboards and automated reports; and,
  • Counsel clients in making key business decisions based on real-time data.

The BG Data Hub has become the essential component to any agency campaign and will be leveraged in each of the firm’s core areas, including

  • Higher Education: BG Data Hub provides a clear path forward in helping secure student enrollments at undergrad, graduate and executive education levels.
  • Professional Services: BG Data Hub dictates how our team can optimize our B2B clients improve their sales pipeline or our non-profit clients in optimizing fundraising campaigns.
  • Public Affairs: BG Data Hub helps our team understand where we need to move decision makers sentiment for proposed real-estate, public infrastructure or related municipality projects.

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