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What a Web Design Strategy Looks Like at BG

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December 1, 2022

What a Web Design Strategy Looks Like at BG

As an integrated marketing agency, the Belfort Group’s scope delivers all different types of services across the digital marketing board to help bring more exposure to our clients and their businesses. One key piece of the puzzle for BG? Our web design services!  

In our latest BG Summit, our fearless Senior Creative Specialist Heather Weir took the virtual stage to provide a glimpse into how BG’s Creative Team conceptualizes and successfully delivers web design projects for its clients.  

The Purpose of Web Design

What makes a good web design? We say it’s one that has a simple, visually appealing layout that is easy for users to navigate. Whether it’s to convince people to purchase a product or service or to enroll in a certain program, the website creates an effective workflow that serves all goals of the business and connects with web users.  

When it comes to dividing and conquering our web design strategy for our clients, BG customizes each project to make sure they cater to individual client needs and deliver results. No two web design projects at BG are the same! 

For clients who may not be sure what they exactly want for web design but know that their websites need an overhaul — BG’s Creative Team is ready to help them pinpoint what they would like to achieve for their website and start driving plans into action.  

BG Phase 1: Beginning the Design Process

In the preliminary phase of the BG web design strategy, our Creative Team connects with the client to see what their budget is and the timeframe they ideally would like to get the project completed.  

Typically, in our “getting to know you” chat with a client, we will ask them, “What functionalities do you need there to be on the site?” and, “Do you have a brand style guide that we should follow?”  

Once we have this information, we then begin the process of planning our execution and the timeline for the project. In other words, we begin to make the design magic HAPPEN! 

BG Phase 2: Planning

When we begin the official planning stage, we think of the bigger picture. What will the website design and layout look like? What exactly needs to go on the website? 

To help us point in the right direction, we create a site map that outlines all the web pages that will go on the website. The site map contains text that will populate each web page as well as descriptions of the types of user experiences each page will provide to web visitors.  

After we finish the sitemap, we create wireframes in Adobe XD that visually lay out what the website and its web pages will look like. Once we have all these ducks in a row, we begin to plan for website integrations with platforms such as HubSpot or Zoho.

BG Phase 3: Bringing Ideas into Action

Once we get an official sign-off from the client, we begin the process of developing their site. This tends to be the busiest part of the process, as it takes the longest. Heather even quipped: “If the design team ever goes silent, you know we’re in the website development phase for a project!” 

In this process, we develop the framework for the website and make sure we capture the client’s desired look and feel with each page we create. We also check in with our hosting accounts and make sure all plugins work as we continue to build the site.  

For the content reviewing segment, we sometimes may recruit the help of our Copywriters, who use their writing chops to read and tweak copy for the web pages.  

BG Phase 4: Adding the Finishing Touches

When it comes to this phase, it’s all about the details. We check in with our client on a walkthrough call and show them the designs of their site’s most prominent pages to make sure they like what they see.  

Following the call, we often will give the client a beta web link that will take them to their website directly so they can check everything on their end. We typically give them a week to submit their feedback back to us.  

If they happen to notice anything that they want to be changed, we’re always ready to get back to work!


Now for the most EXCITING component of the whole process! When it comes time to launch, we schedule a launch date with either the client or their IT team.

Once the website is launched, we run through the website on our side and check for any bugs.  

We also do a check-in with the client, running through the published website on a walkthrough call and getting their direct insights. We also instruct them how they can use the website to make direct edits on their end and add additional content, such as blog posts. 

It’s safe to say that our clients are very involved with every step of the web design process — from planning to publishing!

We Love What We Do

There’s simply nothing better than seeing a new web design finally go live! We’ve helped universities, nonprofits, real estate companies and more with redesigning their websites and getting them primed for the world to see.  

We’re always eager and ready for the next web design project, and we look forward to taking on more in 2023. Need help with web design? Reach out to us at  

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