J. Calnan & Associates Brand Video

The Opportunity

J. Calnan & Associates (JC&A) is a construction management company that had been providing their unique construction management and pre-construction services to clients across the Northeast for over 27 years. JC&A partnered with Belfort Group for a dual-phase project to produce a dynamic brand video and to redesign their website. The first phase of the project entailed the production of a brand video that would serve as a key promotional asset for JC&A.

The Strategy

The BG Creative team kicked off the first phase of the project with a Discovery meeting to get to the heart of what JC&A wanted to achieve with this new brand video. Through collaboration with the JC&A team we identify the key elements, visual style, and tone that would help shape the direction of the project. Armed with these insights, the team set out to create a comprehensive storyboard and voice-over script that aligned with JC&A's marketing objectives.


The creative direction of the video was inspired by JC&A's trademarked philosophy, "We Build®…." Drawing on this guiding principle, the BG Creative team created a storyboard that incorporated design elements, transitions, and animations inspired by the JC&A logo and brand identity, to create a visually stunning and engaging narrative.


The brand video showcases projects and highlights statistics, as well as features photos and videos of JC&A employees and their community. To capture the essence of the JC&A brand, the BG Creative team edited together multiple voiceover recordings of different JC&A employees to create a powerful narration that reinforces the ideology behind the JC&A philosophy.

To close the video, the BG Creative team created a unique and dynamic animation that forms the JC&A logo as the final scene. The animation utilizes photos of JC&A employees that transition into the frame before transitioning into the logo.

The Result

The video was a resounding success and is now a major asset for JC&A's marketing team to utilize in all of their marketing efforts. It is also featured prominently on JC&A’s newly redesigned website, also created by Belfort Group and the BG Creative team as the second phase of this dual-phase project.

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