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The Art of Storytelling: How Senior Living Communities Can Use Personal Narratives to Connect with Prospective Residents

Stories have the power to capture our imaginations and evoke emotions in ways that statistics and facts never could. That’s why personal storytelling is a game-changing marketing strategy for senior living communities. By sharing real-life stories of current residents, staff members, and even family members, you can create an emotional connection with prospects and build a sense of community among residents.

Think Like an Editor: How To Make PR Pitches More Newsworthy

Trying to convince a journalist to cover a story can feel like wrestling an octopus – elusive and slippery. More often than not, you’re left hanging, wondering if your pitch disappeared into the abyss. Blame is on luck; those assignment editors and producers receive upwards of 500 emails daily.

How to Develop an Effective Crisis Communications Plan

Organizations of all sizes and types, regardless of the industry they are in, are exposed to a variety of crises, such as natural disasters, product recalls, cyberattacks, social media scandals, executive misconduct, employee issues, diversity equity and inclusion incidents and much more.