Launch Insight: Consumers Are More Plugged In Than Ever

by Belfort Group | Thought Leadership
May 18, 2017

Every week, we’ll be bringing you an insight from our 2016 Most Memorable New Product Launch (MMNPL) Survey eBook. We’re breaking down our data and letting you know what the trends, behaviors and learnings we’ve gained from the survey. Download the full ebook below.

Multi-channel marketing is more important than ever. People who use six or more sources of information to learn about a new product are far more likely to remember a new product; 54 percent remembered a product launched in 2016. Only 41 percent of those who used four or five sources of information could remember a new product. Respondents who used two or three sources of information and those who used one ranked even lower when it came to remembering new products; 28 percent and 13 percent respectively.

This is the third year where the number of people using six or more sources of information to learn about new products has risen. Consumers are more plugged in than ever. Smartphone use has become widely adopted, putting multiple sources of streaming content, social media and news in the pockets of the majority of consumers; 68 percent of adults, according to Pew Research.


As consumers increase their media consumption, marketers must keep pace in making sure their campaigns cover paid, earned, shared and owned media. Strong messaging shared over many channels gives brands greater certainty that they are reaching their target audiences frequently enough to make a memorable impression.

It is essential for a brand’s media relations, social media, direct marketing and advertising teams to be coordinated. Only by being consistent in messaging and sharing data with each other can these integrated marketing efforts make the most impact. A cooperative effort will go a lot further than the siloed approach Shared data means better analysis of what messaging is working best and shared creative means a better chance of getting the messaging right.

Brands need to be nimble in their approach. While using the right channels to reach target audiences is key, understanding the analytics helps determine which channels are most efficient. Constantly evaluating the analytics and perfecting the course enables marketers to stretch their budgets by increasing spending on effective channels and eliminating those that are not producing.

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