The BG Newsroom Podcast: United PR Crisis and Instagram Advertising Launch

by Don Martelli | Agency News , Thought Leadership
April 13, 2017

We welcome you to our inaugural BG Newsroom Podcast!

The BG Newsroom is where the magic happens for our clients. Our open office environment allows us to quickly collaborate and produce all forms of campaign content in a fluid manner. Clients demand results and our job is to work as efficiently and effectively as possible to drive results. Our BG Newsroom set up is a catalyst for that success.

The BG Newsroom is also a concept we developed a few years back that speaks to how we, as an agency, think about storytelling and how it impacts the work we do on behalf of clients. What better way to bring this storytelling approach to life than through a podcast that features the expertise of our staff.

The podcast will cover a variety of trending issues that touch the integrated marketing, communication and PR spectrum. It’ll explore today’s hot topics and how they related to how we approach our work.

Our first episode touches on the United Airlines PR crisis as well as Instagram’s deeper push into advertising. We hope you’d take the time to subscribe to our Soundcloud channel here, follow this blog for updates and check in on our social media channels to get more insights from the BG Newsroom.

Why are we starting a podcast?

Content is the name of the game at Belfort Group. Whether we are writing bylined articles, producing videos, developing website copy or even nurturing content for enrollment marketing campaigns, we’re always producing content for our clients. And, if you couldn’t tell from our blog or our social media channels, we love doing it.

When YouTube became a marketing channel player and as brand-produced video took off, we started a video-cast, which focused on product launch news. It was fun for a while, but then times changed and short form content ruled the roost (thus, our social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

Fast forward to today and podcasts received a bit of CPR and are a viable channel to tell your brand’s story.

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