Welcome to the BG Insights Videocast: Work around and through the disruption

by Belfort Group | Thought Leadership
April 28, 2020

Disruption is defined as a disturbance or problems, which interrupt an event, activity, or process. To say that disruption in business happens is an understatement. In fact, it’s always happening, just at different scales.

No industry is safe from disruption either.

Take higher education: Declines in enrollment, value versus return on investment, financial pressures and closures lead the headlines.

Take real estate: Asking a local municipality or Town Meeting Members to change zoning bylaws to build mixed-used, commercial or residential developments isn’t as easy as a simple ask. There are pressures on infrastructure, density, school impacts and more.

Take professional services firms: Selling in the B2B environment is tough, competitive and at times, hand to hand combat. How do you stay ahead of your competitors and be the first call target audience makes when they are ready to buy?

These reasons and more are why the Belfort Group (BG) is taking our 40 years of integrated marketing and public relations experience and launching BG Insights.

BG Insights is a 15-minute videocast where our industry experts share real-world examples of how to combat disruption in higher education, public affairs and professional services. You’ll virtually walk away with the following:

  • Three tips to work around or through the disruption in your business
  • How your marketing and PR efforts have to align to win in today’s climate
  • Case studies that you can use to apply to your business

Join us during our next session and if you have thoughts or issues you’d like to hear us discuss, please send them to Don Martelli, BG’s COO, at don@thebelfortgroup.com.

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