What Marketers Can Learn from the Boston Chops Downtown Crossing and their “Instagram Table”

by Belfort Group | Consumer , Thought Leadership
August 24, 2018

The recent opening of restaurant Boston Chops Downtown Crossing and its $10,000 “Instagram table” has a lot of people talking. Designed exclusively for food photography, the first restaurant “Instagram table” in the country includes unique features such as movable lights and color temperature settings. To ensure guests capture the perfect Instagram photo at Boston Chops Downtown, Chris Coombs and Brian Piccini worked with social media influencers, architects and photographers when creating the table.

As experts, we have a lot to say about the buzz surrounding the restaurant opening. Here are a few key takeaways:

Create something revolutionary.

Breakthrough ideas will lead to breakthrough success for your launch. “The new restaurant has received extensive media coverage, not only in the largest Boston outlets but also in national outlets like Forbes and the Los Angeles Times,” she said. “The news is in the first-ever Instagram table, rather than the opening of just another steakhouse. The lesson here is that with a little creativity, you can take something ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary.”

Incorporate influencers strategically.

Influencers will increase exposure for your product regardless of which platform they use. But some platforms are better suited for products than others, and strategically selecting social media channels can make a big difference in terms of how many people see your new product. Coombs and Piccini chose the most favored platform among influencers; according to survey results from influencer platform Zine, almost 80% of influencers favored Instagram over other platforms.

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