What marketers can learn from the launch of Tom Brady’s TB12 Method – As seen on NECN

by Belfort Group | Agency News , Consumer , Launch PR , Thought Leadership
September 26, 2017

Tom Brady, the Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T), has the Super Bowl rings, fame and fortune, but can he sell a book? Joan Schneider, founder and CEO of Belfort Group, says of course he can—and he’s also going to sell cookbooks, prepared dinners, snacks, water, apparel, exercise equipment and brain training. But the real question is: what can marketers learn from the launch of Tom Brady’s The TB12 Method?  On the day the book hit shelves, Joan was a guest on “The Take with Sue O’Connell,” a New England Cable News program, where she shared her expert insights on the launch of The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance and the Brady brand.

“Really, what he’s selling is a lifestyle system—he’s selling hope,” Joan explained. “He’s living the values and he’s sharing those values—and I don’t feel like he’s selling me something…He actually practices what he preaches.”

Here are Joan’s key takeaways for marketers:

  • Be able to substantiate your claims: While it is unclear how much “science” is behind The TB12 Method, it’s clear that it’s working for Tom Brady—and for many people, that’s good enough.
  • Know your brand and what your audience expects from it: This launch is all about Tom Brady and since Tom Brady is the brand—each of the products is a reflection of his philosophy and commitment to winning. He stands for performance and perfection, and now, he’s sharing his methodology with his fans and others who seek sustained lifetime performance. He is sharing what he does to be successful and lest we forget, he’s a 40-year old quarterback who keeps winning. Success is what he’s selling and what people are buying.
  • Timing is—you guessed it—everything: Brady launched his food and brain training line before the book, so the book is really not a new product, but a line extension. The introduction of the book enables him to talk about all his existing products and services, and remind people to buy them. It’s genius.

Take a listen to our podcast, which includes her full conversation with Sue and more on the key lessons from the G.O.A.T.

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