WorldCom Releases 2018 Confidence Index– Updates on Business Success Strategy

by Belfort Group | Launch PR
April 26, 2018

The WorldCom Confidence 2018 Index interviewed CEOs and CMOs from multiple industries and asked what is the state of business success in 2018? Each section of the Index provides informative statistics that will give your company insights into the different perspectives of the corporate world. Here are some insights from the survey that BG found interesting.

Companies are in a race to find the best talent for their teams, and it’s turning into a buyer’s market for the best talent. More leaders this year, (20% compared to 14% in 2017) are predicted to place the most emphasis on attracting employees over other audiences (i.e consumers, government, shareholders, etc.). Why this change in focus? Well, it’s simple; Better employees create more innovative ideas and drive sales.

Leaders are noticing the innovative potential of their employees. Stuart Eames, The Operational Improvement Manager at UK’s Waitrose, explains:

“People on the front-line who really understand customers can spot incremental improvements that can make a big difference in your company. The collective power of small improvements can really transform results.”

Company leaders are also showing more attention towards maintaining loyal employees. Eighteen percent of leaders agreed employees are a vital ingredient for success. In fact, attracting good people ranked highest as the criteria that will have the most influence on success. Companies are realizing that creating and maintaining a strong employee base is extremely important in today’s economy.

The 2018 WorldCom Confidence Index begins with a thorough review of the issues that will demand attention this year. The Worldcom Confidence Index discusses the comparative confidence indexes of several demographics of companies and ends with 11 recommendations to increase your probability of success.

Some highlights of the Index include

  • Cybersecurity is seen as a major issue for employees and corporate plans
  • Global instability on the radar of corporate CEO’s
  • Declines in influencer prominence due to fake news

Employee Issues Infographic

If you’re interested in learning more about these topics and many more, download the study so that your company is prepared for the emerging issues of 2018.

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