The Belfort Group Re-Launches its Public Affairs Practice as BG Strategies

by Belfort Group | Agency News
October 28, 2020

BG Strategies draws on more than four decades of success in reshaping communities by advocating for smart and thoughtful development.

The Belfort Group (BG), Inc., a Boston-based digital marketing and public relations firm, announced today the relaunch of its public affairs service offering as BG Strategies.

BG Strategies draws on more than four decades of success in reshaping communities by advocating for smart and thoughtful development. The proprietary approach was launched by Phil Pennellatore, BG’s CEO and shepherds proposals through the permitting or zoning process, resulting in the approval of projects that benefit both real estate developers and host communities.

“As the region’s top public affairs firm for building political, media, and community support for new development, our team has played an active role in reimagining development and redevelopment in municipalities across New England and beyond,” said Pennellatore. “Our track record gives us the tools and expertise required to engage communities, neutralize opposition, manage crises, and secure the votes or approvals our clients need to accomplish their goals.”

BG Strategies leverages a propriety process to secure project wins and is managed by a team of skillful PR strategists, community engagement specialists and digital influence experts. Services include:

  • Real Estate Permitting and Entitlement Strategies
  • Community Engagement and Advocacy Programs
  • Crisis and Issues Management
  • Grassroots Organizing
  • Town Meeting “Get Out the Vote” Strategies
  • Media Relations
  • Project Advisory Committee Strategies
  • Digital Audience Targeting
  • Project Sentiment Reporting & Analysis
  • Direct Marketing
  • Parcel Branding & Positioning
  • Creative Material Development
  • Influencer Relations

“We are a seasoned group that understands the high risk, high reward nature of this work and have the winning track record to prove it,” said Mike Sherry, BG Strategies Director. “We work on complex projects and often times, are engaged with opponents are already organized, activated and vocal. A dialogue is healthy, but our job is to ensure that the conversation is balanced, accurate and provides decision makers with valuable information to make decisions.”


About the Belfort Group, Inc.

Founded in 1980 and headquartered in the heart of Boston’s financial district, the Belfort Group is an integrated digital marketing and public relations agency that has extensive experience developing multi-layered campaigns for corporations, colleges and universities, developers, municipalities and nonprofits.

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